1. Request full application

Contact us via our form, so that we can send you the full, detailed registration file by e-mail.

2. Registration

Complete the file (registration form, photo, photo-collage, letter to host family, signed contract) and return it by e-mail or by “wetransfer” to:  hello@oui-connect.com.

Upon receipt of the application, OUI-CONNECT reviews your application and contacts you by e-mail.

3. 1st payment / down payment

Upon validation of your application, you make the 1st payment to OUI-CONNECT (50% of the total amount) to secure your position in the program.

Two payment options are possible:

  • REGULAR INTERNATIONAL WIRE TRANSFER (all information is provided with billing)
  • TRANSFER WISE (create an account on https://transferwise.com)

To know:  via this method of payment, the taxes are quite minimal (all information is provided with billing).

4. Passport and airline ticket

PASSPORT – The participant must be in possession of a valid, current passport and it must be valid 3 months after the date of return. Check that this is the case or make an application for a passport as soon as possible.

TICKET – It is your responsibility to book the plane ticket. You can act independently or book the ticket with the help of our partner agency :
Jancarthier – Tél : +33 4 42 93 48 48 / aix@jancarthier.fr
Warning: never confirm a flight without information and agreement of OUI-CONNECT.
After agreement of OUI-CONNECT, you confirm the purchase of the plane ticket.

5. The search for the host family

OUI-CONNECT will search for a host family for the participant as soon as application and 1st payment is approved.

OUI-CONNECT will send the placement (Host family Match) at any point between the first payment and 10 days before departure day.

After home visit and meeting with the family we give you a complete contact sheet (info + photos). You then must contact the host family (usually by e-mail or possibly by phone).

6. 2nd installment / balance

45 days before departure, you pay the remaining balance of payment to OUI-CONNECT (50% of the total amount / method of transfer: see point 3).

7. Insurance

OUI-CONNECT manages the participant’s insurance
Before departure, OUI-CONNECT provides you with an insurance card and the insurance contract and all the necessary information..

8. ESTA + Exit authorization

ABefore flying to the US, each French participant must be careful to complete:
– the ESTA document
– and, for minors, the authorization to leave the territory
These are very simple steps to take, but it is essential to do.

OUI-CONNECT will remind you before departure and will guide you in your steps.


From the initial contact phase to the end of the stay,
the communication between OUI-CONNECT, the participant and his parentsare as frequent as necessary.

ATTENTION : The order of “steps” may change depending on the date of registration.

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