Oui-Connect in 5 Points:

Une immersion totale en CalifornieA total immersion
in California
La garantie d’un accueil en famille bénévoleThe guarantee of
a Volunteer host family
Des démarches simplifiéesSimplified steps
Un contact direct et de proximitéDirect and close

La garantie d’un coût réduit The guarantee of
a reduced cost

Quand simplicité rime avec efficacitéWhen simplicity rhymes with efficiency

Oui-Connect finds Volunteer host families in full immersion in Southern – California. By simplifying, it guarantees teenagers and parents alike a high-quality welcome.
By focusing on California alone, Oui-Connect gives parents and participants the benefit of their precise knowledge of local family customs, geography and culture: Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Orange County, Santa Clarita, Temecula, Bakersfield, Laguna Beach, San Diego.

Une approche authentiqueA reliable approach

OUI-CONNECT is ran by a French-American citizen who grew up in France and moved to America as an exchange student.
Our offer is perfectly adapted to the needs of International teenagers: it considers their needs and their desires of exploring California.

Know everything about
the Oui-Connect concept

OUI-CONNECT programs:

OUI-CONNECT proposes 2 programs.

The classic formula is “Homestay and Excursions” and allows teens to leave 3 weeks on pre-established dates. In addition to the homestay, it includes 3 excursions in emblematic places of California (Beverly Hills, Hollywood Blvd, Universal Studio ….). OUI-CONNECT organizes during the stay a convivial evening between all the other participants: The Farewell Party.

The “HOMESTAY & EXCURSIONS” formula includes

l’accueil en famille bénévole The volunteer family welcome
3 excursions
la « Farewell Party» The « Farewell Party»


The second program offers more flexibility to the participant since they choose the length of his stay (from 2 to 5 weeks) and their departure date. On the other hand, no excursions are organized by OUI-CONNECT.

The “A LA CARTE” program includes:

l’accueil en famille bénévole The volunteer family welcome
le choix de la date et de la durée Choice of date and duration



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