OUI-CONNECT is an international specialist in immersion and educational trips to California. The premium quality of OUI-CONNECT is due to its unique specialization.
OUI-CONNECT gives participants the best immersion experience through living the California life.
OUI-CONNECT was founded by a French citizen who became French/American after being himself an Exchange Student in California. He married an American and wanted to share his high school experience with the rest of the teenagers around the world, allowing them to discover California. This program is built around his own personal experience of the same adventure.

The OUI-CONNECT concept is simple. It comes down to three big ideas :



la spécialisation

I wanted a specialized agency in the USA and California, because I was suspicious of those who are everywhere and nowhere. OUI-CONNECT corresponded perfectly to what I was looking for, for my son. The program’s small structure concerned me at first, but no, everything has been in line with my expectations and Nathan’s. Mother of Nathan | «Homestay & Excursions»

OUI-CONNECT masters the technical aspects of linguistic and educational stays in the United States and more particularly in California: administration, travel, authorization, insurance, and volunteer host families.

Due to its small size and onsite location, OUI-CONNECT is able to ensure personal contact with the participant and their family. From going over general information, registration, and trip preparation, Oui-Connect is here to assist through the stay.

Thanks to its French-American dimensions, OUI-CONNECT integrates the data, the requirements and the constraints of each country (on both sides of the Atlantic), and optimizes the setting up of these summer stays in families.

OUI-CONNECT makes California its place of discovery, immersion, and learning (cultural and linguistic) for young international teenagers.



la connexion directe

It was great to be able to talk directly with the managers, to feel that there was a reassuring presence on location and available to us. Héloïse’s parents | «Homestay & Excursions»

OUI-CONNECT, always guarantees close communication with the participant and his family, the country, and the host family.
The vast majority of agencies working in Europe are only intermediaries between a participant and an agency like Oui-Connect established in the United States.

The main idea of OUI-CONNECT is to remove these intermediate links in order to reduce the complications of communication with the participants and reduce the cost of the stay.

OUI-CONNECT is the exclusive source of communication for the participant and his family for everything related to program information, the contract, and the management of any delicate situations. This helps the communication be more efficient, the reactions faster, and relations simplified. This direct connection between the participant’s family and the USA is precious and absolutely essential in case of complications.

With OUI-CONNECT, responsiveness is fundamental.

REMINDER – In the interest of efficiency, OUI-CONNECT has a direct contact available in Europe, easily accessible to the participant and his family. OUI-CONNECT always remains the decision-maker.



le coût du séjour

Initially, we had questions: the stay was 30% cheaper than with other organizations … and with benefits seemingly better (excursions in particular). That almost worried us. But the explanation provided by OUI-CONNECT was crystal clear. It was because there is only one organization to handle all this. In the end, we could not find a better and more than reasonable price for the exceptional program offered. Max’s parents | «Homestay & Excursions»

The cost of stay benefits significantly from this simplified structure.

A three-week stay with OUI-CONNECT costs, on average, $500 to a $1000 less than a trip organized by a foreign agency organization (which works with a US partner to which it must delegate some of its responsibilities) or by a big international organization.

OUI-CONNECT participants benefit financially by working through a single organization, which is rarely done by large international organizations.

The uniqueness and the strength of OUI-CONNECT is working without intermediary, and preserving deep human relationships due to the intimate structure.


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The satisfaction of the participants * OUI-CONNECT



are satisfied
of stay

 I dreamed of a summer like that! I lived it: amazing family, amazing stay.

«À la carte»


are satisfied with the organization
and contact

We are simply thrilled by the general quality of the program.

Sophie’s parents
«Homestay & Excursions»


to their friends

Everything was perfect and professional. A great experience for our son!
Quelle gentillesse !

Tom parents
«Homestay & Excursions»

* Participants in the Oui-Connect program from all nationalities: OUI-CONNECT includes young French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Thai and Chinese teenagers. The stays have an international tone (very fun and beneficial to the participants when out on excursions: the English language remaining then the language of communication).

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