The parents of the youngest participants can opt for a U.M. trip (Assistance for a traveling minor).
This service is provided with an additional cost:

  • from the airline – who puts the service in place
  • from OUI-CONNECT – who is obliged to stay with student at departure gate in the airport until the departure of the flight: 100 USD.


The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is an automated system that determines whether an alien arriving by air or by boat is allowed (“eligible”) to enter the United States.
All OUI-CONNET participants must be in possession of this authorization to travel to enter the United States.
As soon as the participant has a valid passport and has booked his plane ticket, he must apply for ESTA, on the official website:
The request must be made at least 72 hours before the flight. The steps are simple. The cost of the ESTA, as of 01.09.19, is $14.

– Beware of unofficial sites on the internet. If you are asked for more than $14, beware. You only need to use:
– OUI-CONNECT will provide you with a simple document in during the application process along with ESTA’s application instructions


As a part of all stays and whatever program is chosen (“Homestay & Excursions”, “Full Immersion”, “À la Carte”), OUI-CONNECT offers to its participants an insurance which covers the participant for the whole duration stay.
This insurance is complete. It is an insurance specialized for this type of stay program.
The detailed clauses of the insurance are provided at the time of registration.
It is up to each participant / parent, after reading the clauses of this insurance, to choose whether or not to take out another insurance or supplementary insurance if it seems necessary.

“Serious risk” option

OUI-CONNECT offers parents / participants who wish to subscribe, through the AVI broker, a “SERIOUS RISK” option that can be useful if planning to participate in a more serious sport or other activity that is considered “at risk”. The participant can inquire with AVI.


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